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                Construction Apparatus

                In the construction industry, Beijing people's electric co., LTD., performance outstanding
                Residential distribution engineering:
                Beijing xing chang home residential area
                Beijing tongzhou district wan chi home 1 ~ 11 floor
                Landscape of guizhou guizhou city high four distribution project
                Hefei into the international community on the distribution issue
                Harbin north spring city phase ii
                Harbin fu yi is all
                Guiyang city ark in the basement
                Guangzhou city guizhou day 10 kv transformer room
                Jinan luneng cannes international community
                Liaoyang Roman holiday
                Education construction project:
                Changchun bus national engineering laboratory
                Beijing award and the garden district kindergarten phase ii
                Nanjing forestry university dormitory building
                Xiaogan child welfare projects
                YiFuYuan xinjiang medical university
                11 # 12 # building project of Harbin normal university
                Commercial construction projects:
                The rich industrial park